Editorial Post

For years the story of the Little Red Hen has been going on in this local birth community. I have asked many times for connection and support in helping to finish my midwifery education and clinical training, only to find it necessary to need to leave this great State of Minnesota to find the education and community in states other than Minnesota.

I want to publicly thank those midwives who have really been there for me– to teach and mentor me, those who didn’t haze, those that followed through with their promises, those who actually cared whether or not I succeeded, those midwives from other states, like Washington, Arizona, Missouri, Illinois, Utah, Wisconsin, Florida and California, who have mentored me, and encouraged me to keep walking with my education, even after pursuing it for 14 years.

My education has spanned far and wide and when it is completed, which will be very soon, I will be a caring, knowledgeable and empathetic midwife who knows what it is like to have both a caring, and an uncaring birth community behind her.

For those who are current midwives in Minnesota, I ask you for this — don’t say words like: "I think we need more midwives!"… and not take any personal action to make those words come true. If you are truly a midwife who wants to support the overall growth of midwifery, then follow through with what you say.

Don’t be like the Little Red Hen. The story of the Little Red Hen is one in which the hen does all of the work, getting the garden ready, planting the garden, weeding the garden, watering the garden, harvesting the garden, and then making bread to eat from the harvest. The Little Red Hen from beginning to end had no help, no support from her closest people. She remained dedicated to doing the project from beginning to end, overcoming all obstacles to keep going. Throughout her journey, she kept asking for help, support, friendship, invested time, but no one helped her. until she was ready to present the final product–that is when everyone comes to her and asks for a piece of her work.

Minnesota hear my words — if you are wondering why this nearly educated student midwife is not a part of your community, you should probably remember the story of the Little Red Hen. When she completed her project, she alone sat at her table and enjoyed the fruit of her labor. That will be Treasured Birth. This chick is getting ready to hatch! !



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