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Current Birth Class Offerings

Our Childbirth Preparation Classes range from a one-day intensive weekend workshop, to those held for 8-weeks, one evening a week. Typically, you will attend class for 4 to 16 hours of total class time.

These classes are both fun AND empowering!

  • Your partner will enjoy the class too! In fact, your partner will get just as much out of going to class as you (maybe more!)
  • You will meet other people that may become good friends and allies in your parenting journey!
  • What you learn will impact your birth experience, no matter what the outcome!
  • There are so many choices you have in birth! The information you get in class is based on best evidence, not just the most common policies!
  • You learn in-depth information about interventions (no, the epidural is not “just a shot”)  We will NOT teach that interventions are inherently “bad,” but we WILL teach what the benefits, risks, trade-offs, alternatives, and necessities are!
  • Baby-birthing is a LOT like baby-making! Birth is usually not an emergency!
  • These classes are FUN! NOT one big lecture with note-taking — and they are hands-on and interactive!

You don’t have to push out a baby on your back, or rush to the hospital when your water breaks (thanks Hollywood!)  Treasured Birth educators are educated, candid, funny, approachable, and current!

We pride ourselves on teaching evidence based practices! Treasured Birth educators work alongside the medical community, not against it! Treasured Birth teachers will not tell you HOW to do birth, but provide the information you need to make your OWN choices with confidence (this is your baby, and your birth!)

Treasured Birth’s classes are NOT just for those who want to give birth without pain medication! But they can be if that is your focus! The beauty of these classes is that they will be focused on what you want, and what you need to have from your own personal pregnancy, labor and birth experience!

When Should I sign up for Classes? Generally, the best time to begin your childbirth class is between 28 and 32 weeks of pregnancy. This means signing up for classes a month or more beforehand to ensure your class doesn’t fill up; that means registering for class when you are 20 to 24 weeks into your pregnancy.

Childbirth classes are an important step along your path to parenthood. Don’t let the opportunity to fully prepare for your birth slip by. Visit the tabs on our website pages to read more about classes currently being offered, and to schedule your Childbirth Class!

NOTE:  Due to Covid-19, Classes at Treasured Birth are Limited to 3 Couples Per Class.  Everyone MUST wear a mask, and wash their hands prior to entering the classroom space.  Couples may be close together, and during the hands-on comfort measures, gloves will be offered for hands-on practicing.  Anyone who is coughing, running a fever, or has symptoms of the flu, please stay at home.  Instructors will also follow this practice.  The Classroom will be cleaned and sanitized after each class.


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