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Belly Casting

A belly cast is a three-dimensional plaster sculpture of a woman’s pregnant abdomen. It is a special remembrance and keepsake of her pregnancy. Photos and video can’t fully capture an expecting mom’s shape the way a pregnancy belly cast can.

Usually a belly cast is done 3 weeks or closer to your Estimated Due Date.  Some mothers like to do belly casts during second and third trimesters of pregnancy, and then have a visual comparison and capture the miraculous changes her body has made. Many couples enjoy making a belly cast together, providing the father with a unique bonding opportunity with baby.  (See video below.)

Upon completion of your belly cast, it can be left in its original form, or it can be decorated and/or painted.  Other mothers have painted it, applied sequins, mirror tiles, beads, hot glued on material, or used many other decoration ideas. There is also a company in California that will take your completed belly cast and make a beautiful tulip shaped glass bowl in the shape of your belly for you to keep.  You could even glaze it and use it as a fruit bowl, or have it bronzed!

Many moms hang it as a wall decoration in their bedroom or in their baby’s nursery. Other moms wait until their babies are born and apply paint to their baby’s hands and feet and put the prints on their cast. When your baby is old enough, you could even paint and hang it together.

There are newborn photographers who would love to take photos of your little one snuggled up inside the cast the same way that they were laying in your belly.  Your imagination is the limit!

Belly casting can be done in the privacy of your own home, or you can come to Treasured Birth’s offices and leave the clean up to us! 


$100.00 per belly cast

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