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Birth Doula

Covid-19 Doula Information

  • Covid-19 hospital requirements for the number of visitors allowed is an ever-changing situation at this time. 
  • Doulas supporting at Fairview Hospitals, must for the time being, perform as virtual support professionals. 
  • For those hospitals, Treasured Birth, LLC, does currently offer Virtual Doula support, until they again allow us to attend hospital birth as direct support advocates again. 
  • Those requirements are NOT FOR EVERY HOSPITAL. 
  • Please ask your chosen birth hospital/location about whether or not they allow a doula (two-guest policy). 
  • Please contact me with any questions that you might have, or to learn how this would look for your birth.

For those parents who wish to have virtual doula support:

  • I do teach Childbirth Education Courses, on Zoom, or Facebook Live, or in-person (your preference) that will empower your partner to do as much support as possible.  Afterwards, I provide virtual doula support online, or on the telephone for those families from start to finish during labor. 
  • I do have a reduced fee rate for virtual doula support.  Please ask me about those prices, and what that would look like for you.

Support in Labor From A Doula Encourages: 

  • Positive family bonding
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Perception of choice
  • Increased participation
  • Decreased depression

What Does A Treasured Birth Doula Do?

I believe that pregnancy, labor and birth are the very first experience that you have as a parent.  The importance of protecting the planning, labor, and birth goals, and desires is an essential influence on family bonding.  The more closely matched your dream of the perfect birth experience is to the actual perception of your birth experience can, and will effect how you all come together and bond as a family afterwards.  

During our pre-labor meetings, we will talk about things like:  “What would your perfect birth experience” look like?”  “Where do you picture your ideal birth to be?”  “What is the setting of your birth — i.e., in a warm room, dimmed lights or candles, in the water, on the bed, kneeling, with my partner supporting me, talking to me, or with music playing in the background (or quiet), with aromatherapy (or no scents), etc.”  These details and desires will change and grow with each prenatal visit to your care provider, and each time we visit together.  

The goal is to create a “Birth Desires” plan.  In creating this “Birth Desires plan” it is very important that you feel confidenct with your choice of the support people and providers around you.  Those providers/support people should be willing to work alongside you and your partner to help you strive to meet those goals. As a Treasured Birth Doula, I don’t have an “I don’t” list of things that I do.  I make every effort to advocate for you, to help you to accommodate your birth experience wants, needs and desires.    

The joy that you experience during your birth will go a long way in encouraging a healthy family bonding experience after your baby is born. Nature has programmed mothers and their infants to have an immediate “falling in love” experience, right after birth — better known as the “Golden Hour.” An empowered and supported labor experience will go a long way in helping you and your family to make the most of that immediate postpartum time so you can form that healthy bonding connection. A positive birth experience goes a long way in meeting that goal.

When you are surrounded by people who are helping you to learn, to aid in helping you to stay calm, to help you by giving you support and knowledge in order to reduce fear, and to give you the comforting tools to have a wonderful birth, this lifts you up and enables you to make informed decisions both prior to your labor, during your labor, and during the postpartum period. Feeling confident, and having unlimited support goes a long way in creating a positive environment in which you can begin to create that secure family bonding attachment to your new baby.

Birth Doula Packages and Pricing

Package One
Three to Four Prenatal Meetings.  We can meet either at your home, or at a location of your choice.  These meetings average one to two hours long each. Our initial visits allow us an opportunity to get to know each other better rand provide us with a chance for us to explore your expectations for support, as well as help you to create a birth plan that fits your family.  Additional prenatal visits may be arranged as desired. Price is $950.00.

Package Two
Everything included in Package One, plus Placenta Encapsulation.  Price is $1,100.00.

Package Three
Everything included in Packages One and Two, plus two 60-minute Prenatal Massages in my Office.  Price is $1,200.00.

Package Four
Everything in Packages One, Two, and Three, Plus an Additional 60-minute Postpartum Massage in my Office.  Price is $1,270.00.

Package Five
Everything in Packages One, Two, Three and Four, Plus a Belly Cast, 2 herbal sachets, 4 frozen peri pads.  Price is $1,370.00.

Please note that all services including Massage, Placenta Encapsulation, Belly Casting and Doula work can also be purchased individually.  Please visit those pages for more information.

*For those clients that would like to pay all up front, there is a 5% discount.

I am also listed on  There is an avaibility calendar on that page, as well as pictures of some of my Certifications.  Please follow the links below to see these:

For Current Doula Clients:  To post a testimonial on the DoulaMatch website for Treasured Birth, please follow this link:,  to post a testimonial for Kelly Martin, or use the Request Testimonial page.

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