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Why Should I take Childbirth classes?

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Most doctors, and many midwives don’t educate their patients about all the various pain coping strategies and hospital or birth center procedures; they just don’t have time. Call it a byproduct of our cultural system, but it’s usually not part of the caregiver’s package. Childbirth education fills in the gaps where the provider’s care leaves off.

Childbirth classes will empower you to learn what happens to your body during pregnancy. What hormones are influencing you, how your baby is developing at each and every stage, and gives you a reference point in your journey towards becoming a wonderful parent. Classes also teach you about the process of bringing baby into the world — labor; and comfort measures, position suggestions, and ideas for your partner to help you through the process in a positive way. You are taught both medical and non-medical approaches to labor and pain relief, as well as hospital or birthing centers’ policy, and how they might affect you. Essentially, you learn about the choices you may have throughout the childbearing year.

Birth classes usually include information during your postpartum period, about both you and your new baby. You could take a class on newborn care and breastfeeding – and you may have the advantage of connecting with other expecting parents who are also on the same journey.

You could take an online birth class, or simply read about it from a good book, but there are a few aspects of taking an in-person class that just can’t be picked up from a little Googling.

Why should you attend a Childbirth Class with Treasured Birth?

1) You can ask questions and see labor positions, as well as comfort measures in person.

2) You will have contact with an educator who can put you in touch with other experts, or resources if you need them now or later.

3) In a group class, you will meet and hear from women/couples at your same stage of pregnancy. Even if you don’t become lifelong friends, you might benefit from hearing their questions or stories.

4) Treasured Birth’s classes can help partners who don’t have the constant physical reminder of pregnancy – focus on the upcoming birth and life changes. This is especially helpful for partners who don’t attend prenatal visits. A good class will teach specifics about how partners can help.

5) Generally, a class in the hospital will present the birth experience as it’s managed medically (including medical pain relief options). Treasured Birth’s classes will educate you on what your choices are based on evidence-based information and the most up-to-date scientific information. Our goal is to present all of your options, including those used both in and out of the hospital.

Is birth actually something you can “prepare” for? A really good class will help give you the knowledge you need to make informed decisions, help you to keep an open mind, prepare for the unpredictable, and give you a number of tools to use. Birth classes should empower you to make your own decisions, so that you are able to strive to achieve the “Treasured Birth” experience you wish to have – the birth that you feel is best for both you, and your baby.

To find the class that will work best for you, explore our website further, or give Kelly Martin a call and she would be happy to answer all of your questions. She will be happy to explain to you what her philosophy of birth is, and what techniques and information are taught in each course.


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